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Reagents in Cultured Cells

There are many new and exciting ways to study and work with modern technology in the field of cellular biology. From the creation of biofuels to stem cell research, to cloning and curing diseases, there’s a virtually endless range of opportunity for unique and groundbreaking research to be accomplished. The primary purpose of this website is to help encourage future research by directing viewers to resources that are available for different cell types, including information related to products and services offered by Altogen Labs.

Transfection reagents enable researchers to deliver exogenous cargo into cultured cells. The payload of these delivery reagents can include miRNA, siRNA, proteins or plasmid DNA. The efficiency of a transfection reaction depends on the optimization of multiple parts, including items such as the transfection reagent, the volume of the transfection reagent used, the cell type being transfected, cell density, components in the media, etc. At the end of the experiment, the researcher must be able to have confidence that the resultant data is dependable, exhibited low transfection reagent toxicity, the transfected payload is active, the experiment is repeatable and that the reagent can transfect a range of cell types.

On each of the pages listed here you will find information on different cell lines, such as brief historical information, region of origin or initial culture leaders. Links will lead you to Altogen products for in vivo transfection.

Transfection reagents are listed alphabetically, with 1-10 on this page. Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to find more transfection reagents.

3LL Cell Line Transfection Reagent

A204 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

A549 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

ASMC Transfection Reagent

AsPC-1 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

Astrocytes Cell Line Transfection Reagent

BMS2 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

Caki-1 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

Calu-6 Cell Line Transfection Reagent

CFPEo Cell Line Transfection Reagent